Taking a Closer Look at Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Parasites and Natural Options for Managing Them!

As a natural, eco-friendly home, office, retail and window cleaning business operating in the York Region and GTA, we’re often asked whether our products offer the “anti” – usually antibacterial – something it seems we’ve gotten used to talking about these days.

Yet, as a business out to educate and inform our customers (and those yet to experience our green clean), we have also come to discover that these terms are often used interchangeably and incorrectly.

That’s why we decided to take a three part look into just what exactly the “anti’s” mean – antibacterial, anti-fungal  antiviral and anti-parasitic – so that you can become better informed the next time you find yourself looking for natural alternatives to conventional cleaners.

Up this week, we look into the most famous of the anti’s, Antibacterial, and consider some great natural options that fit the bill!

Bacteria – our closest neighbors, misunderstood?

Firstly, in order to understand Antibacterials, we need to understand the meaning of the word.

Antibacterial means, quite literally, against bacteria – specifically, antibacterial agents kill or damage bacteria.

This one is probably the most talked about topics in cleaning, and with good reason.

Bacteria exist in their many trillions all around us, and are responsible for countless illnesses every day.

Yet, many people are unclear when asked: just what are these “dreaded creatures”?

Bacteria are tiny microorganisms that – much like us – must eat, drink and (in some cases) breathe to survive.

Yet, not all bacteria are to be feared.

In fact, many of them are perfectly harmless, and some (like those found within a healthy human intestinal tract) are even critical to maintaining good health.

Still, there are some that you’d hate to have in your home – especially on surfaces you interact with to prepare meals.

Bacteria of concern:

Specifically, bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella can cause sickness and death, and others cause a range of feared diseases (Tuberculosis and Meningitis for instance).

It’s important to note that Antibiotics (a word that literally translates to “against life“) – some of the most prescribed medications in the world – are only effective against bacteria, which is why you don’t (or shouldn’t) get prescribed antibiotics for the common cold, or other viruses (as you’ll learn in later articles!)

Furthermore, it’s important to acknowledge that misuse and overuse of antibiotics and anti-bacterials has helped contribute to the widely reported “treatment resistant bacteria” such as “MRSA”, which are running amok in hospitals and treatments centres around the globe.

How about some effective natural anti-bacterial tools?

Fortunately, when it comes to minimizing the bad-guys, without putting our health or the health of our delicate ecosystems at risk, Nature provides many great answers.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites below:

Essential Oils: Tea Tree Oil, Thyme Oil, Oregano Oil, Lemon Oil, and Eucalyptus (to name a few) – Essential Oils have multiple ways of working, including damaging key systems (such as the cell wall) which bacteria need to survive.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide works to disinfect by oxidizing and damaging enzymes and proteins needed by bacteria to live.

Vinegar: Acetic Acid, found in vinegar (typically around 5%) is a broadly effective anti-bacterial agent, which creates an acidic environment generally inhospitable to bacteria.

Antibacterials Understood!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed a brief look into bacteria and Antibacterials (and how they relate to one another).

We look forward to seeing you again next week, where we’ll take a closer look into Anti-Fungals!

For more information on Bacteria, be sure to visit our favourite source for mind-opening info and learning – Wikipedia – via the link below!

Learn More about Bacteria

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