You are currently viewing Ecosparkle’s Top 5 Eco-Friendly Natural Scent Control Tips for Green Living!

Ecosparkle’s Top 5 Eco-Friendly Natural Scent Control Tips for Green Living!


Looking for Naturally Fresh Air? Check Out These Eco-Friendly Options!

If you’ve had a visit with our Green Clean Team, you’ve already discovered the incredibly fresh scent of a home cleaned with natural & organic cleaning products – all free of synthetic fragrances and perfumes.

Yet, between visits, our customers often look for a way to keep that fresh scent lingering just a little longer.

That’s why we decided to share just a few of our favorite green scent control options, each of which will leave your home smelling as clean as the day we left it – and every bit as safe for you, your family and your pets!

So, without further fuss, we give you our top 5 eco-friendly natural scent control tips for greener living!

Lemon Oil!

Lemon Essential Oil is truly an amazing product, and can be found in many of the cleaners that we use. Why? Well, for starters, it leaves a wonderfully fresh lemon scent behind, which has the added benefit of easing stress (through its aroma-therapeutic qualities).

It also works wonders for cleaning surfaces of all kinds, featuring potent anti-microbial capabilities.

Baking Soda!

You’ve probably seen it in a fridge or two, and for good reason! Baking soda is a wonderful odour absorber (and natural stain fighter), featuring in products from kitty litter to green cleaners.

Many disagreeable scents are acidic in nature, while baking soda is basic (click hear to learn more about pH!), which helps to explain its ability to remove unwanted odours with ease!


Many surfaces around the home hold onto scents which you’d rather see gone! Vinegar, with its naturally potent Acetic Acid solution (which provides a strong anti-microbial effect) kills surface bacteria effectively, helping to remove the odours they produce.

Vinegar does have a strong scent of its own, though it will quickly fade if left to sit, leaving fresh clean air in its wake!

Welcome the Breeze!

Ever notice how incredibly fresh a home smells when the windows are cracked open for (potentially) the first time after the winter passes? Nature provides! Far too often, we tend to fall out of the habit of a home-wide opening of the windows, especially during the colder seasons. Yet, our homes need to breathe if we’re to breathe!

No matter the season, get into the habit of opening the windows once a day – if only for 10 minutes. Your lungs will be thankful for the clearer, cleaner air, and your home will smell fresher than ever! After all, why try to cover up scents with product, when you can simply invite the invigorating smell of Nature in to replace it?

Vapourize Your Favourite Scents!

Steam – you see it every time you boil a pot of water. Yet, did you know it’s also a great way to freshen the air in your home? The next time you bring a pot to boil, consider adding some water to an unused mug, and drop in a few of your favourite herbs (fresh picked herbs offer a very potent aroma!).

Simply let the mug steam and steep in a space you’d like to freshen, and you’ll soon be welcoming the scent of serenity shared by your selection of home-grown herbs fresh from the garden!

Don’t forget; you can experiment with almost any flower you happen to like to scent of, so keep your nose open on your next walk!

Smelling Fresh and Living Green has never been simpler!

So there you have it: 5 great eco-friendly ways to control odours naturally and effectively, while you’re in between visits from our Green Clean Team!

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Schedule a free quote with our Green Clean Team today, and learn how affordable natural and organic cleaning can be for your family – backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!