You are currently viewing Green Clean Product Pick of The Week – Effeclean Eco-Pet Products!

Green Clean Product Pick of The Week – Effeclean Eco-Pet Products!


At Ecosparkle, we believe that clean just isn’t clean unless it’s good for the planet too!

That’s why our Green Clean Team uses plant-based natural and organic cleaners in every home, office or retail space (including Newmarket’s Nature’s Emporium) that we visit!

Fortunately, we’ve got great company – product suppliers who help us help you by bringing natural cleaners to the market – all gentle on the Earth, and safe for the whole family!

This week, we’re taking a closer look at some great products for keeping your home green, clean and pet-friendly!

A Canadian Company… Committed to Clean & Green!

Effeclean is a local Canadian family-run company, based out of Toronto, that focuses their efforts on producing seriously green cleaning products. They have a diverse collection, including a traditional home line (Genuine Eco-Products), a baby line (Eco-Baby) and a pet line (Eco-Pet) that we’re focusing specifically on today, all produced right here in Canada!

Safe for Family Members with Four Legs!

There’s no doubt that pets pose a special challenge when it comes to keeping your home clean. Yet, all too often, Canadians reach for conventional cleaners which may be putting their four legged friends at risk.

Consider this: unlike adults, who seldom come into close contact with a freshly cleaned surface, your pets are considerably closer to the ground. They’re noses are often mere inches from the floor, and they like to lick – a definite problem if you’ve just used harsh chemical cleaners. Not only that, but your pets handle chemical detoxification differently than we do.

The fact is, what is tested as ‘safe’ for humans may not be safe for our companions.

The good news is, there are pet-safe alternatives that do the job without doing a number on your loved ones health.

The Right Green Cleaner for Every Job!

Effeclean produces several cleaning solutions in their Eco-Pet line, like their Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which is specially formulated for caring for varnish, acrylic, polyurethane, solid wood, engineered flooring and even laminate – without any harmful VOC’s or toxic residue left behind.

Their Odour Remover is also fantastic. Why do we like it? For starters, they have a fragrance free option – great for those with sensitivities – which attacks the source of contaminants causing odour, rather than simply covering it up temporarily.

Finally, their Cage & Litterbox cleaner does a great job of keeping your pet’s space clean and odour free, using natural and plant based cleaning agents that get right to the source. It’s safe for use on any surface that is water washable!

Go Pet-Friendly & Green!

That rounds out our Green Clean Product Pick of The Week – featuring Effeclean and their wonderful Eco-Pet line of products.

We hope that you decide to be unconventional – for the health of your four legged friends!

And Remember…

We’d love to help you discover the Green Clean difference in your home, office or retail space!

We’ve got 5 years of experience finding the perfect natural, eco-friendly solutions for our customers, and have been voted ‘Best Cleaning Company’ 5 years in a row in the ‘Era Banner Reader’s Choice Survey’ right here in the York Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

We invite you to schedule a free quote with our Green Clean Team today, and learn how affordable natural and organic cleaning can be for your family – backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!