Learn All About Ecosparkle, Your Green Clean Team!

Ecosparkle was founded on the belief that a home can only be happy, healthy & clean if it works in partnership with Nature.

We’re an independent & locally-owned business, proudly operating within the entire York RegionNewmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Markham, Uxbridge, Oakville & the Greater Toronto area.

We began our business to help share our Green Clean in an industry that offered few health-conscious, eco-friendly alternatives. Today, we're a ‘Readers Choice’ winner for Best Home Cleaning Company in the Era Banner Reader’s Choice Survey – 6 years in a row!

Ecosparkle Offers A Simple, Earth-Friendly Approach.

The Earth-friendly approach we offer you is equally simple: we only use high quality, highly effective natural cleaners made using natural and plant-derived ingredients that are eco-friendly and safe for you, your children and your pets!

Our unique approach has been rewarded with over a dozen Reader's Choice awards, including awards 6 years in a row as 'Best Home Cleaning Company' in the Era Banner 'Reader's Choice' Survey!

A Clean Home Should Never Come with a Compromise.

We believe that you, your home and your business deserve truly green solutions for your cleaning needs. If you've found us here, chances are you're done with the health trade-offs offered by the conventional guys. You're looking for a safe, sustainable alternative that's exceptional.

Your search is over.

We are your partner for a truly clean home. We invite you to give our Green Clean Team a call today, and see how Ecosparkle can deliver the natural shine you've been searching for!

We're also committed to our community: Watch the Video Recaps of our Tree Planting Days!