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Unlock the door to a cleaner, greener home!

For over 5 years, Ecosparkle has been keeping homes throughout the York Region & Greater Toronto Area clean and green, using 100% natural and organic non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaners.

Our customers have come to depend on our Green Clean Team to keep their health, and the environment at highest priority on every visit. 

If you’re thinking about joining them and making a commitment to the next generation, look no further – Ecosparkle can help!

Discover a Higher Standard in Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning!

A standard cleaning package performed by our courteous, friendly and expertly trained Green Clean Team includes the same comprehensive, environmentally friendly cleaning service that has won us ‘Reader’s Choice’ for Best Cleaning Service in the Era Banner’s Reader’s Choice Survey – for 6 years in a row!

With nearly unlimited potential to customize and personalize your cleaning service based on your unique natural cleaning needs, our Standard Cleaning Package offers the perfect entry point to a cleaner, greener home!

It’s important to note that our Standard Cleaning Package is by definition customized to every home we visit – for no two homes are the same. With a free estimate, we can provide you with the right rate – whether you’re looking for flat rate services or hourly billing!

Each 100% Natural, Planet-Friendly Standard Cleaning Delivered by Ecosparkle Includes:


At Ecosparkle, we believe a good clean begins with a great dusting. That’s why every room we clean receives the following dusting treatment:

  • Remove cobwebs, spot clean walls
  • Dust light fixtures, shades and lamp shells
  • Dust or wipe the top of the door and window frames, clean all baseboards, trim & sills
  • Dust or wipe blinds
  • Dust picture frames and other items on the walls
  • Clean light switches and electrical outlets, as well as phones (or transmitter base)
  • Wipe the doors, including the dust in the embrasure
  • Clean mirrors, glass doors (inside) and glass tables (underneath as well!)
  • Spot clean & dust furniture and shelves, moving light items to clean underneath them (in open areas only)
  • Clean items present on shelves (when requested by client)
Click Here to View Our Dusting Demonstration!

Bedroom Cleaning

  • A thorough dusting
  • Clean all baseboards, trim and sills
  • Clean night tables, picture frames and lights
  • Straighten or change (if requested) all linens
  • Empty waste-bins
  • A thorough vacuum, followed by a mop (if surface permits)
Click Here to View Our Bedroom Cleaning Demonstration!

Bathroom Cleaning

  • A thorough, dusting – including all furniture (open areas only – even the hard-to reach spots!)
  • Wipe all cupboards, windowsills, ledges, shutters, blinds, baseboards & all hidden areas
  • A cleaning & polishing of tub, tiles, grout (if requested, with steam cleaner), faucet, shower-head, drain, exposed pipe, soap dish, and any diffusers present in Jacuzzis
  • A detailed cleaning of the toilet (including water tank – exterior & even behind the toilet!) and bidet (if present) – using a disposable towel for hygienic safety.
  • A thorough cleaning of the entire vanity and sink areas – including the drain, faucet, cabinetry and underneath surface objects.
  • Remove garbage, and replace bag
  • Carefully vacuum & mop all floor surfaces
Click Here to View Our Bathroom Cleaning Demonstration!

Foyer Cleaning

  • A thorough dusting, including trim & fixtures
  • A thorough vacuum, followed by a mop (if surface permits)

Living Room & Dining Room Cleaning

  • A thorough dusting of all surfaces, including electronics, furniture and fixtures
  • Tidy all tables, TV stand and organize scattered items (including toys!)
  • A cleaning of the fireplace & instruments (on request)
  • A thorough vacuum – including hard to reach spots under the couch, cushions, and chair cushions!
  • A shake & fluff of all curtains, pillows
  • Folding of blankets
  • A thorough wipe down and cleaning of all place mats, tables, furniture and wine coolers
Click Here to View Our Dining Room Cleaning Demonstration!

Kitchen Cleaning

  • A thorough dusting of all surfaces
  • A thorough, streak-free clean & polish of major appliances (as seen in the video below) – including the stove, refrigerator and even inside the microwave!
  • A clean of the coffee machine, including emptying of grounds and water-tank refill
  • A clean of all cabinetry, back splash, knobs, racks and handles
  • A thorough cleaning of all counter tops, including the shoulder & rim
  • An empty and change of compost containers and waste-bins
  • A thorough clean of all sinks, faucets and drains, ensuring a streak-free shine
  • A wipe or dust of all light fixtures and light switches
  • All floors vacuumed & mopped
  • All dish cloths folded
Click Here to View Our Kitchen Cleaning Demonstration!

Home Office Cleaning

  • A thorough dusting, including electronics, furniture and fixtures
  • A wipe down and dusting of keyboard, mouse & screens
  • Paper shredder bin emptied
  • A detailed clean of the office chair (top-to-bottom!)
  • A thorough vacuum and mop

Laundry Room Cleaning

  • A thorough clean of laundry tub & faucet
  • A detailed dust & clean of washer & dryer (exterior)
  • Waste-bins emptied
  • A vacuum & mop of all flooring surfaces
Click Here to View Our Laundry Room Cleaning Demonstration!

Hallway & Stair Cleaning

  • A thorough dusting, including trim & fixtures
  • A clean of all banisters and trim
  • A thorough vacuum (stair-by-stair) followed by a mop (if surface permits)

At Ecosparkle, We See the Difference in the Details!

We stand behind our commitment to quality with dedication to the details, and we’re proud to share our in-depth cleaning practices with you.

After all, that’s how we set ourselves apart from our competition.

When you book a visit with our Green Clean Team, you’ll notice that we go above and beyond to ensure your home is as clean as you hoped, for less than you’d expect.

Our team is carefully trained in quality control, with experience-derived best practices using a software that we developed – specifically designed around the unique needs of our environmentally sensitive cleaning products and services. The results speak for themselves!

Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to simply take our word for it.

That’s why we’ve decided to share just a few of the many training videos that our team regularly uses to ensure that our Green Clean exceeds your expectations – something we stand behind with our Green Clean Guarantee!

Check out one of our team members in action below, demonstrating the true meaning of a “top-to-bottom” dusting – with the same amount of care that your home will receive on every visit.


Here she is again demonstrating a careful clean of the bathroom  – with precision and care.



Here, she demonstrates a thorough cleaning of the kitchen – the hub of any healthy household, and certainly worthy of focused natural cleaning!


Customize Your Green Clean!

Every home is unique, and while our standard cleaning package certainly delivers the best natural clean found anywhere in the York Region & Greater Toronto Area, you may find yourself looking to customize your cleaning package.

No problem!

Our Green Clean Team responds to a diverse range of client-requests every day, and offers a wide range of additional services that you can request for an additional charge.

Some examples of the specialized services that we’re providing for our clients include:


  • Cleaning & Dusting of Chandeliers
  • Deep Cleaning of Tile & Grout with Chemical Free Steamers
  • Interior Cleaning of Refrigerators
  • Laundry Services
  • Complete Bedding & Linen Services (including ironing)
  • Pantry Clean-Ups
  • Cook House Cleaning
  • Indoor Swimming Pool Clean Ups and Change Room Cleaning
  • Gym Cleaning
  • Sauna Cleaning
  • Playroom Cleaning & Organization
  • Closet Cleaning & Organization


As you can see from the list above, our Green Clean Team is able to take on any natural clean challenge – simply contact us today for a free estimate!

Let’s go green – together!

Ecosparkle is your partner in natural, eco-friendly retail cleaning! We only use 100% natural, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions, delivering a shine you’ll love – for all the right reasons!

Simply give us a call today and find out how Ecosparkle can help you experience a fresh take on ‘freshly-cleaned’!

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