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5 Things you WON’T find in our Green Clean Team’s Natural Cleaning Products!


At Ecosparkle, we believe that what’s not in a cleaner is every bit as important as what is!

And, If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, you probably have already come to the same conclusion.

This week, our Green Clean Team decided to put together a simple list of 5 potentially harmful synthetic ingredients that you won’t find in any of our natural cleaning solutions.

Thinking of choosing Ecosparkle? Here’s what you won’t get:

  1. No Harmful/Synthetic VOC’s! (Volatile Organic Compounds)!

    VOC’s are chemical gasses released into the ambient air of your home and the environment, which can be harmful to health (depending on their origin) and contribute to greenhouse gasses (climate change).

    Our cleaners use very low quantities of natural essential oils (no synthetic fragrances or perfumes), providing a natural and safe fresh scent to your home while greatly minimizing VOC presence.

    We even specialize in scent-free, for those with sensitivities, which eliminates VOC’s altogether!

  2. No Triclosan! 

    Triclosan is a strong synthetic antibacterial agent used in a wide variety of conventional cleaning products. It’s use introduces a needless environmental impact and potential immune system risks to individuals who use it.

    Our cleaners use natural, time-tested anti-microbial agents in addition to cutting edge, natural and plant-derived cleansing agents that are just as effective, without the compromise!

  3. No Persistent Environmental Toxins!

    Chemicals like Sodium Hyperchlorite (Common bleach), Formaldehyde and many others present lingering negative effects to our environment – from production points, where worker health may be at risk, to home-use, where improper handling presents risks to both children, pets and users alike.

    Our cleaners are made with plant-derived, synthetic chemical-free fully biodegradable ingredients that won’t hang around to disrupt wildlife, or your families’ health!

  4. No Animal Tested Ingredients!

    Many household cleaners use ingredients derived with the use of extensive and unethical animal testing.

    Our cleaners avoid the use of animal testing, opting instead to use long recognized, effective natural cleaning formulations that allow you to enjoy a clean with your conscience in-tact!

  5. No Nonylphenol!

    Nonylphenol is a strong disinfectant widespread conventional cleaners, which presents risks to our bodies’ delicate hormonal balance. It is listed as a toxic substance by the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency.

    Our natural and organic cleaners are free of hormone disrupting chemical compounds, while offering a no-compromise, deep clean that’s equally effective!

Ecosparkle was founded on a simple belief: that clean just isn’t clean unless it’s green!

Whether you’re tired of conventional cleaners, harsh chemical scents, worried about hidden health trade-offs or simply looking for long-term, sustainable options, our Green Clean Team can help you bring that search to an end today.

We know that when it comes to clean, nature has many solutions – none of which require a health compromise for you, your family or your pets!

Simply give our green clean team a call today, for a free estimate, and to learn how Ecosparkle can bring your home a safe & sparkling shine – naturally!

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  1. amy

    Marketing your products as having no VOCs is misleading. Essential oils ARE volatile – they are highly aromatic liquids and emit VOCs. VOC does not always mean chemical-based, and sometimes they can be natural VOCs. Therefore if someone is looking for no VOC, they want no scents at all. Natural is a lot better, but please get your facts straight!

    1. EcoManagers

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Amy!

      Following your comment, we realized that the section on “VOC’s” was not as clear or precise as we would have liked.

      We specialize in scent-free products, which do accomplish that feat, and although some of our products do contain essential oils (which by their nature produce VOC’s), they are minimized to the lowest extent to ensure low VOC presence.

      To clarify: we’re more referring to an absence of harmful VOC’s produced by synthetic processes.

      1. Amy

        Thank you for clarifying your statement! 🙂

        1. EcoManagers

          No problem, Amy – thank you for pointing that out!

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