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Green Clean Product Picks for ‘Back To School’ Success!


At Ecosparkle, we believe that clean just isn’t clean unless it’s good for the planet too!

That’s why our Green Clean Team uses plant-based natural and organic cleaners in every home, office or retail space (including Newmarket’s Nature’s Emporium) that we visit!

Fortunately, we’ve got great company – product suppliers who help us help you by bringing natural cleaners to the market – all gentle on the Earth, and safe for the whole family!

This week, we’re taking a closer look at some great products for keeping your kids green and clean as they head back to the classrooms next month!

Keep Hands Clean On-The-Go!

For kids on the go, a great hand sanitizer can go a long way toward keeping unwanted illness at bay. Yet, many conventional sanitizers are laden with powerful synthetic scents and ingredients that are certainly not earth friendly, or scent-controlled classroom friendly.

Our pick for a green & clean natural solution? CleanWell Hand Sanitizer (available at Nature’s Emporium, for you local readers!). It’s natural, using the germ fighting power’s of thyme essential oil to do the heavy lifting. It’s also alcohol free!

Keep Body Odour at Bay!

Nothing spells out disaster for a new school year quite like bad body odour. For teenagers, there’s simply no doing without deoderant. Yet, most conventional deodorants or antiperspirants are filled with aluminium and other synthetic additives that we’d sooner avoid absorbing into our body.

Our pick for a green & clean natural solution? For guys, Aubrey Organic’s ‘Men’s Stock Dry Herbal Pine Deoderant Spray’. This stuff is truly remarkable; natural ingredients that truly work – all day, every day! For Women? Active Life Lavender Deodorant by Kiss My Face does the trick – specially formulated for active individuals, using natural ingredients!  Available at Nature’s Emporium.

When The Day is Done, Get Tough of Dirt!

When a hard day of class has come to a close, and the homework is through, it’s time to wash away the dirt and grime from yet another long day. Yet, far too many conventional shampoos and body wash products are filled with unnecessarily strong synthetic chemicals (including synthetic fragrances and antibacterials) alongside known irritants like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Our pick for a green & clean natural solution? Green Beaver’s Line of kid friendly, planet friendly body care products! Made locally using natural, eco-friendly ingredients, Green Beaver is a wonderful option for keeping entire Canadian families clean! Available at Nature’s Emporium.

Take Care of Teeth!

Before head hits pillow, taking care of oral hygiene is a must! Yet, like hand and body care products, conventional toothpastes are filled with unnecessary and planet-punishing ingredients (such as triclosan, a potent antibacterial, artificial flavours, colours, and sodium lauryl sulfate).

Our pick for a green & clean natural solution? Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste! It offers a traditional, minty fresh flavour for those used to the old-fashioned stuff, but is free of parabens, pthalates, fluoride, SLS and – of course – is not animal tested! Available at Nature’s Emporium.

Back to School – Green & Clean!

And, just like that, another school year is under way. For some of you, it’s only just begun. For other’s, it’s become a family tradition! Still, by putting some of these tips to use and by introducing some natural alternatives to conventional products into your family routine, you’ll be sending them off with even more peace of mind.

After all, a sound future – the very one we’re providing them the tools to navigate – begins with a strong foundation at home.

Make sure you build yours with the planet in mind!

And don’t forget…

We’d love to help you discover the Green Clean difference in your home, office or retail space!

We’ve got 5 years of experience finding the perfect natural, eco-friendly solutions for our customers, and have been voted ‘Best Cleaning Company’ 5 years in a row in the ‘Era Banner Reader’s Choice Survey’ right here in the York Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

We invite you to schedule a free quote with our Green Clean Team today, and learn how affordable natural and organic cleaning can be for your family – backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!